We pride ourselves in being the one stop destination for high precision and technologically advanced contemporary products such as garnet, water jet abrasive, steel grit etc. We empower our clients with the right mix of strategic products at the opportune time to help them leverage their potential optimally. Our focus is on enhancing the productivity of our clients with cost efficient products. Each of our products is covered by comprehensive warranty. We always adhere to the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour to accomplish excellence in all our pursuits.

Speed Blast is based in Dubai. Founded in 2009, we have consistently evolved and diversified our services to cater effectively to the entire array of needs of Construction and Oil & Gas industries. We have strategic professional alliances with manufacturers of ‘Blasting, Coating, Painting Equipment and other engineering products’ which enable us to deliver cutting edge and cost competitive products instantly to meet the demands of the industries. State of the art surface treatment and finishing technologies are also provided by us to relevant industries. We have a robust marketing framework that intuitively processes customer orders and deliver solutions within optimum time schedule. Our professionals work in close coordination with clients to ensure that their demands have been fulfilled within strategic time. This commitment on our part is linked with our passion to equip our clients with competitive edge over business rivals and adversaries.

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  • أكتوبر 24, 2023

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