As The IT Department for Your Business,  we offer IT services that improve, secure, and maintain our clients’ computer systems and networks. We are professional and responsive with an emphasis on positive relationships with our staff, clients, and community. We maintain excellence and continue to offer innovative solutions by increasing our expertise through ongoing training and education.

At Fouj International Technology (FIT) we enjoy what we do and take pride in how well we do it.


Fouj International Technology (FIT) is your technology partner. We manage your systems and networks so that you can manage your business. We are committed to providing innovative IT solutions and support to meet your business needs and challenges. Fouj International Technology (FIT) recognizes that the world of Information Technology (IT) is getting more complicated ‐ not simpler.

We remove that technical burden so you can focus your resources on your core competencies and let us leverage your IT investment for a competitive edge. We are professional, honest, technical partners ready to help you identify the right solutions within your budget.



  • ديسمبر 20, 2023

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