ECEE has been established in 2009. It took its place in favorite brands with its stable development and respectability in domestic market and abroad since its establishment.
ECEE signed a General Distributor Agreement for ELITs.r.l. in 2010 with Global UPS Company located in ITALY which is exporting its products to Many countries ECEE presented their starter, marine, deep cycle golf and Gel type batteries from 12 volt produced as sealed and maintenance free to their customers’ appreciation under DISCOVER Brand.
ECEE are giving a service to our market by ELIT s.r.l. Uninterruptable Power Supply, Frequency Converter, Constant current Regulator, Chargers.
ECEE working only for CE Standards and TUV Certificates.
ECEE only gives Three years warranty.
ENGINEERING COMPANY FOR ELECTRICAL ENERGY – ECEE are giving a service to our market by dry type AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and GEL batteries with our DISCOVER brand.AGM and GEL type batteries are Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), sealed and maintenance free ones. These kind of batteries are applicable in many areas like UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply),Communication Systems, Electronic Equipments, Electrical Devices, Medical Equipments, Solar Energy Systems, Emergency Power Systems and etc…


  • سبتمبر 2, 2023

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