Euro Mechanical is an Emirati company that has supported the growth of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector for more than 40 years. We are proud to provide proficient solutions and expertise throughout the region. Over the years Euro Mechanical has shaped a business philosophy where partnerships, service quality, consistency, and above all customer satisfaction are paramount.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Euro Mechanical enjoys a position at the crossroads between two great trading blocks of Europe and Asia and one of the world’s fastest developing regions (MENA). This gives Euro Mechanical and our partners a strategic position where we can deliver solutions to the Aviation, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas, Renewables, Water, Power, and Manufacturing sectors across the region.

Euro Mechanical is immensely proud of our capital city and the amazing journey that the city and our country are on. Euro Mechanical will continue to contribute to involving itself in that exceptional adventure understand its social responsibility to the community and contribute to several appropriate charitable organizations.



  • ديسمبر 24, 2023

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